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As our promise to our customers, we will be here to help you facilitate your home loan application. Just email to us the documentary requirements.

Documentary Requirements:

  1. Valid ID of the Borrower/Spouse and Representative: Unexpired Passport; Driver’s License; SSS / UMPID; Postal ID and ACR for foreigner.
  2. Marriage Certificate (if married)
  3. Latest Proof of Residence / Billing Address (Utility Bill under the name and address of the Borrower or Representative)
  4. Contract to Sell with Annex A. (If you purchased the property from us then don’t worry, we got this covered)
  5. Filled-out and signed Home Loan Application Form. This form will come from the bank. This must be signed by at least one of the Borrower/s or Spouse (or representative if the borrower is based abroad)
    • COE- Certificate of Employment with compensation (company office address ; contact number/s and company email address).
    • Latest 3 months payslip (if there is no compensation / income indicated in the submitted COE).
    • Latest Filed ITR- Income Tax Return BIR form 2316 / Withholding Tax BIR form W2.
  7. If the Borrower/Spouse or Co-Borrower owns a BUSINESS or SELF-EMPLOYED.
    • Business Permit ; DTI ( for Sole Prop ) or SEC ; Articles and General Info Sheet ( for Corp );
    • Audited Financial Statement and Annual ITR- Income Tax Return BIR 1701 for the last 3 years
    • Bank Statement – Latest 6 months -indicating Account name and account number ; Bank and Branch
    • List of Trade Reference ( 5 names and contact number of valued clients; suppliers and customers )

Looking forward to serve you well.

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