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    If you are looking for an expert information and insight on Kai Garden Residences, then you are on the right place. Here’s a quick trivia for you, did you know that Kai Garden Residences is the 4th residential community developed by DMCI Homes in Mandaluyong City? It also has the densest garden in the entire city. Let me list down these 4 communities in chronological order:

    1. Dansalan Gardens
    2. Flair Towers. South Tower Completed on 2014 and North Tower Completed on 2015
    3. Sheridan Towers. Actually this one is at the border of Pasig and Mandaluyong, so one of its tower is in Mandaluyong side and the other is in Kapitolyo, Pasig side. South Tower completed ahead of schedule on November 2017 which was supposedly August 2018.
    4. Kai Garden Residences. 

    Heads up, if you are thinking of getting a unit on the first 3 projects, you’ll need to be highly liquid since your only option is a re-sale that requires at least 30% lump sum down payment.

    We’ve seen the evolution of DMCI Home’s projects and you have probably noticed that as well if you are actively searching or observing the market. Their projects just keeps getting better. Consider Dansalan Gardens as version 0.9, Flair as version 1.0, Sheridan version 1.2 and Kai as version 1.3. Later I’ll tell you more about the significant improvements done on Kai Garden Residences.

    Where exactly is Kai Garden Residences?

    I’m 100% sure this is the first question you have in mind.  M. Vicente Street, Mandaluyong City,  just beside Dansalan Gardens.
    Click on this link to view map and get directions

    Location Advantage

    Like it’s predecessors, it’s strategically located right smack in the middle of Makati, Ortigas and Bonifacio Global City.


    So what’s the big deal about its location? We’ll I have to say it cannot get any central than this. All the major business districts are within a few minutes reach. Here’s the travel time data we got from Waze.

    There’s also several access points as you can see in this video and going to different part of Metro Manila cuts your travel distance to half. If you are at mid point, at the center of Metro Manila, you’re halfway through the north, east, south or west side of the metropolis.

    Distance to Key Areas

    Business & Commercial Hubs

    • Domingo Guevara Commercial Strip (0.40 km – 5 mins)
    • Forum Robinsons Pioneer (2.2 km – 16 mins)
    • Greenfield District (2.7 km – 12 mins)
    • Mandala Park (1.9 km – 12 mins)
    • Ortigas Center (4 km – 20 mins)
    • SM Megamall (3.3 km – 15 mins)
    • Powerplant Mall (2.8 km – 15 mins)
    • Rockwell Business Center (4 km – 20 mins)
    • S&R Membership Shopping – Shaw Boulevard (1.6 km – 10 mins)
    • SM Light Mall (2.4 km – 13 mins)
    • Shangri-La Mall (3.0 km – 15 mins)
    • SM Cherry Shaw (1.8 km – 10 mins)
    • Shaw Center Mall (2.2 km – 14 mins)
    • SM Megamall (3.3 km – 15 mins)
    • Star Mall Shaw (3.0 km – 14 mins)


    • City of Mandaluyong Science High School (1.5 km – 8 mins)
    • Colegio de Sta. Rosa (2.9 km – 12 mins)
    • Lourdes School of Mandaluyong (2.5 km – 10 mins)
    • Rizal Technological University (0.45 km – 6 mins)
    • St. Paul College Pasig (3.5 km – 26 mins)
    • St. Pedro Poveda College (4.1 km – 23 mins)
    • University of Asia and the Pacific (3 km – 14 mins)

    Medical Institutions

    • Unciano Colleges and General Hospital (0.24 km – 3 mins)
      Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center (0.60 km – 7 mins)

    Other Notable Locations

    • Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy (1.5 km – 19 mins)
    • Chief of Police Office (2 km – 8 mins)
    • International Baptist Church (0.65 km – 8 mins)
    • Mandaluyong Fire Station (2 km – 9 mins)
    • Mandaluyong Fire Station (2 km – 9 mins)
    • Mauway Fire Sub-Station (0.50 km – 6 mins)
    • Our Lady of Fatima Parish (0.95 km – 11 mins)
    • Police Community Precint No. 5 (5.5 km – 23 mins)
    • San Roque Parish (0.45 km – 6 mins)
    • Seventh-Day Adventist Church Mandaluyong (1.1 km – 14 mins)
    • United Mandaluyong Fire Emergency and Rescue (0.55 km – 7 mins)

    Site Development Plan

    • Total Land Area of 17,082 sqm​​​​​​​
    • 3 High Rise Buildings
    • 4 Basement Parking Levels

    Kai Garden Residences Site Development Plan


    The buildings of Kai Garden Residences

    1. Sugi (Tower 1)– In this building there will be 39 residential floors with 1,018 units, 12 elevators and 613 parking slots. Target completion is on January 2023. This building started selling last August 15, 2017. It got sold out in a matter of 6 months. Currently there are no more units for sale in this building.
    2. Icho (Tower 2) – There will be 41 residential floors in this building with 858 units, 8 elevators and 415 parking slots. Target completion is on January 2024. This building started selling last January 10, 2018 and it got sold out in 4 months. Like Sugi there are no more units for sale in this building.
    3. Hinoki (Tower 3) – This is the last tower and there will be 39 residential floors with 1,067 units, 12 elevators and 495 parking slots. With regards to its selling date and target completion, DMCI Homes have changed their strategy. DMCI Homes didnt open up the entire building for sale, rather they are opening it up per Atrium segment. The 1st Atrium segment they (37th floor to Penthouse floor) was opened for sale last May 22,2018. In less than a month, that segment is now sold out. As of the moment we are waiting for the 2nd segment (32nd to 36th floor) .

    Significant Improvements

    Ok, remember earlier that I’ll be pointing out the improvements of Kai Garden from it’s predecessors? Well here it is…


    The ambiance of Flair Towers and Sheridan Towers are already exceptional but DMCI Homes pushed the standards further. The community has a high emphasis on gardens. Lesser concrete on the open grounds but plenty of grass and greens. It will have the densest garden amenities among the high rise condominiums in Mandaluyong City. See the image gallery below:

    Number of elevators per building

    What’s the most number of elevator have you seen in a high rise residential condominium? Four or perhaps six? In my case, this is the first time I have seen twelve, yes 12!!! For Sugi and Hinoki building there will be 12 elevators while for Icho building there will be 8. So I think that’s self explanatory, no more long waiting time in the elevator lobby. The sheer walls on the elevator shaft is considered the strongest structure in a building. It is the building’s spine. Looks like we have 2 spines in one building.

    How many elevator do you think there is in other mid-market condominiums? How many floors and unit per floor? I’m pretty sure its much fewer than this.

    Number of Elevators Kai Garden

    Photos and Virtual Tours

    We are still working on the image & virtual tour slider for this page so for the mean time you can access the photos and virtual tour by clicking on the links below.


    These are only artist illustration. In their continuing desire to improve the project, DMCI Homes reserves the right to change product features without prior notice and approval.

    Click here to download the artist’s renders

    Photos and Virtual Tours of Similar Projects

    These are completed projects of DMCI Homes that will serve as baseline on how Kai Garden Residences would at least look like when delivered but expect Kai to be much better.

    Below are photos of similar projects

    Click links below to view virtual tour of a similar projects

    Video Tour and Presentation

    The virtual tour starts in the 10 minute mark in case you want to skip the first few minutes.


    You can download here the latest price list, but you will need to contact an agent to get the availability and different payment terms.

    You will notice, if you are in the market searching for condominium properties in Mandaluyong that Kai Garden Residences is 30% to 35% more affordable than the average price per square in the area while its 50% to 70% more affordable than properties in Makati, Ortigas and Bonifacio Global City.

    Projected Rental Yield

    If you are an investor trying to accumulate rental properties or just getting started with rental properties, here are the reasons why DMCI properties in Mandaluyong are doing better than those inside Major Business Districts:

    • Low acquisition cost but higher quality.
    • Strategically located in the midst of Major Business Districts (Ortigas, Makati and BGC).
    • Fringe location properties are 50% more affordable than those in the center of business districts but have better amenities and have the same access to major roads and transport systems.

    Kai Garden Residences Rental Yield

    To explain further the rental yields above. The acquisition cost is already inclusive of “closing fees”. A 2 bedroom unit (60sqm) purchased from 2012 is currently advertised for 26k per month (unfurnished). Usually the tenant requests for a discount, so in my case my unit is rented for 24k per month, that gives me a yield of 8.31%.

    But If you acquire a pre-selling property today, let’s just factor in a conservative 5% rent increase per annum, by the time its ready for rent your rental yield is 7.85% per annum. You can further increase your yield by cost effectively dressing up your unit.


    • 24-hour Security
    • Function Hall
    • Jogging/ Biking Path
    • Laundry Station
    • Open Lawn/Picnic Grove
    • Provision for CCTV Cameras
    • View Deck
    • Arrival Court
    • Game Room
    • Kiddie Pool
    • Leisure Pool
    • Perimeter Fence
    • Roof Deck
    • Water Feature
    • Children’s Playground
    • Gazebo/ Cabana
    • Landscaped Gardens
    • Lounge Area
    • Pool Deck
    • Sky Lounge
    • Water Station
    • Fitness Gym
    • Jacuzzi
    • Lap Pool
    • Main Entrance Gate
    • Pool Shower Area
    • Standby Electric Generator
    • Wifi at Specific Amenity Area
    • Fire Alarm & Automatic Sprinkler System
    • Landscaped Atriums
    • Provision for CCTV
    • Fire Cabinets
    • Mailbox Area
    • Reception Lobby
    • Fire Exit
    • Parking Space
    • Sky Patio (Lumiventt Technology)
    • Garbage Rooms
    • Passenger Elevators
    • Unit Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System
    • Provision for CATV
    • Provision for Metered Utility
    • Provision for Phone Line