Kai Garden Residences – One Bedroom Units

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In this article we’ll be breaking down the different one bedroom units at Kai Garden Residences. Hopefully this will give you a better insight and help you with your research. We highly recommend that you open your options for other unit type such as 2 bedroom units if the budget permits. One bedroom units at Kai Garden Residences are in high demand but if you are planning to upgrade later on, a 2 bedroom will be your best option. It is more expensive to upgrade later on.

One Bedroom Unit Type B (36 sqm)

This unit type is available in Sugi (Tower 1), Icho (Tower 2) and Hinoki (Tower) building of Kai Garden Residences.


One Bedroom Units at Kai Garden Residences (Type B)


Let’s analyze the One Bedroom Type B unit of Kai Garden Residences further:

  • Most one bedroom unit layout available in the area is long and rectangular. This unit is somehow squarish. A square layout gives a more spacious feel than rectangular shaped units.
  • The living area is adjacent to the balcony. This means more light coming in to your unit than the unit’s with balcony attached to the bedroom. This also serves as an extension of your living area which allows guest to freely hangout in the balcony.
  • This type of layout can only be found in the corners of Sugi and Icho building. This also means more privacy as there are no other people passing through your corridor.
  • Corner units and higher floors are premium locations so DMCI reserved the corner units on the higher floors for 3 bedroom units.
  • This unit layout is bigger than the usual 1 bedroom in the mid range market which is 23 to 27 sqm.


One Bedroom Unit Type A (28 sqm)

This unit type is available in Sugi (Tower 1) and Icho (Tower 2) building of Kai Garden Residences.  This is the most common one bedroom unit layout in the entire Metro Manila. Even if its a common layout, still it will stand out. It’s biggest differentiator is the community itself which is Kai Garden Residences.

One Bedroom Units at Kai Garden Residences (Type A)


  • Ideal for people who are really in a tight budget but does not want to sacrifice quality of community.
  • It’s a good starter for people who want to get into rental properties targeting singles (not families).
  • These units are located in the inner area of the building floor from 2nd floor to the middle floor.

One Bedroom Unit Type C (39.5 sqm)

This unit type is available in Icho (Tower 2) and Hinoki (Tower 3) building of Kai Garden Residences.1 BR Type C (39.5sqm)

  • The size of its bedroom is bigger than 1 bedroom type B and A.
  • Same as 1 bedroom type B, the living area is adjacent to the balcony. But the balcony of this one is bigger. More space for guest.


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We hope this information is useful in helping you decide which one bedroom unit is right for you. Visit our comprehensive content about Kai Garden to get availability, quotation and more information about the community in general.

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