DMCI Homes Turn Over Timeline

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Here’s the turn over timeline if the balance of your property will be settle via cash or bank financing:

DMCI Homes Turnover Timeline

  1. Bank Loan Release – The turn over process starts once the bank loan has been released to DMCI Homes.
  2. Turnover clearance – Finance group will issue a clearance to Turnover group. Timeline for issuance of clearance is 1 to 2 weeks. This signals the Turnover group to get to work because the unit is already fully paid.
  3. Notify client – Turnover group will email you (the unit owner) to get confirmation if they can already do the final painting, testing and commissioning on your unit. They’ll also send the turnover fees that needs to be settled upon acceptance of the unit.
  4. Unit Dress-Up – The final painting, testing and commissioning of unit will commence upon your confirmation. This will take around 60 to 90 days.
  5. Unit Inspection – Once the dress up is done, the Turnover group will invite you to inspect the unit and check if everything is acceptable. DMCI Homes doesn’t usually involve us on this part so  please let us know of the inspection schedule ahead of time so we can join you.
  6. Rectification of issues – If there are issues found, Turnover group will rectify it and invite you again for inspection, this will repeat until everything is acceptable.
  7. Unit Acceptance – Settle the turnover fees onsite when you are ready to accept the unit.


That’s it, we are excited as you are for the hand over of your new home / investment. We’ll see you soon. In case you need to follow up on the status of your unit, please get in touch with and call their hotline number at +63(2) 5557700.

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